The wicked shall be purged throughout the world. It has been decreed by the Gods! Vessels sent by the Gods themselves are tasked to Purge the Wicked. The process has already begun, and it happens all around you. Open your eyes, do not be blind to the remarkable shift in energy! It is all of our duty to supplement the purging process.


Join us to purge our planet of sin and wickedness! Evolve with us to the next mental, spiritual, and physical plane of existence!


Those who deny the current apocalyptic state of affairs are blind. The current societal climate was no accident, friends. It is the final judgment of the Gods. Do you wish to ascend to the afterlife, to reunite with all of your fallen friends and family? Then join the Order of the Impaled. Serve your Gods while you still draw breath. Together we will facilitate and supplement the purging of the wicked!




Do not cry when your loved ones perish in these trying times. No death in today’s age is truly in vain - they have been chosen to ascend! Do not mourn as if it is a tragedy, for truly it is a celebration to rejoice! They are leaving the wickedness and sin of our world behind, and ascending in peace to the afterlife. Do not fear death, for it is the final integral step taken towards the Final Ascension, the last stop on our journey to the next life.


For those of us who still draw breath, it is our goal to recruit as many to our order as possible. To make them aware of our Great Mission, to allow them to hear the voice of reason in these trying times, and to partake in the wisdom of the Enlightened One. Only when our world is cleansed and purified will the next age truly begin. Only then will we prosper as a collective species.


The Collective Ascension will bring us all to a more pure state of existence. It is our mission to hasten this process through recruitment, and the cleansing of our own souls and the souls around us.




The Final Trials have begun. In these trying times, it is easy to lose sight of reality. Apathy and doubt cloud the judgment of many. The tests they personally face, and the tests society faces at large, are sources of fear and contempt. These tests should instead be sources of inspiration and hope!


We are the chosen generations to face the Final Judgment of the Gods!

So do not fear the natural disasters which ravage your home land. Do not fear the societal unrest that is tearing cultural and political infrastructures apart! These are but tests and trials for us all to overcome. We must all take pride in our mission and accomplish it accordingly, for it is the Will of the Gods.


We must all Purge the Wicked, Cleanse the Soul, and enact the Will of the Gods.








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If you wish to join the Order of the Impaled, fill out the form to the left. Answer the questions truthfully, and if you are chosen for acceptance into our order you will receive a response with more information.



By completing this form, you will be judged by the Enlightened One and his esteemed council and either be dismissed, or granted irrevocable membership into the ranks of the Order of the Impaled.


This membership is a lifelong pledge. We are as of a family, and must act accordingly. It is our duty to cleanse the world of sin and wickedness. It is for this reason the pre-screening process exists. We cannot risk poisoning our ranks with an antagonistic energy.